Bullseye was invited to lecture at the University of Cambridge

August 23 2023

After our Finance Summer Camp 2023, the students have craved for more finance learning from us. This time, Bullseye Academy was honoured to be invited to teach the students at Corpus Christi College, University of Cambridge. Our tutor Piers Etson delivered his trading teachings to more young finance enthusiasts.

  • Crafted Courses for Youth

We had carefully designed this financial education program tailored to the age and characteristics of our students, imparting intriguing knowledge of fundamental financial concepts and trading psychology. This three-hour classroom session seamlessly blends theory with real-world financial market dynamics, allowing students to deeply experience the allure of international financial education.

  • Shared Financial Industry Experience


Piers, our Bullseye member was the lecturer for this course. He possesses over 6 years of investment experience in the financial markets. Piers' guidance not only aided students in understanding the markets but also tought them how to manage their emotions and risks in the financial market.


In addition to sharing knowledge, Piers also imparted to the students his personal journey in the financial industry. He emphazied the importance of continuous learning and honing one's professional skills. He also hoped that students could carry this spirit with them into any industry they choose to pursue in the future.

  • Interacitve Teaching and Learning

For this invited lecture at the University of Cambridge, Piers had meticulously prepared a unique interactive approach that fully engages students, making the financial learning experience captivating and far from dull or intimidating. We can't wait to see the exciting developments on theses young people's financial learning journey.

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