Ready-To-Invest Solutions

Looking To Invest, But Prefer Our Experts
To Choose And Manage The Investments?



Then Ready-to-Invest Portfolios could be for you.


Our ready-made portfolios invest in a broad mix of assets across a range of industries – set for
2 risk appetite while improving the chances of investing in the right places.

Diversification throughout The Prosperous Industries

These portfolios are fully diversified in various industries and markets, enabling investors to benefit from the cyclical developments of prosperous industries.

We Keep the Portfolio On Track

We will rebalance each of our portfolios on a semi-annual basis to ensure they remain on their original track. Rebalancing will also be constructed upon dramatic market movements.


See exactly how your investments are performing – online, 24/7

Model Portfolios

Investment Policy Statement:

Investment Horizon: 3 – 5 Years

Investment Objective: Annual Income & Modest Capital Growth


Asset Category Underlying Industry
Asset-backed Bond
Strategy-backed Bond
Vanilla investments
100% Asset-backed


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Important Information: Ready-To-Invest Portfolios are not a personal advice. If you are unsure what is appropriate service for your circumstances, contact us for advice.



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