Why Bullseye Financial?

Truely Bespoke

We know that everyone’s financial needs differ, which is why our Investment Managers are focused on what really matters to you.

We will follow your investment objectives, allocate your investment to the applicable portfolio.

In providing our Discretionary Investment Management Service we strive to ensure that all investment decisions we make are suitable for you.

Industrial Expertise

We have among the most qualified and experienced investment professionals in the UK. Our investment management services give you all the benefits of our expertise in research, portfolio construction and ongoing portfolio management.

BFL follows a flexible approach to the portfolio, also benchmarks the performance of portfolios. The investment decisions are made at the portfolio manager’s discretion.

Well Diversified

Your portfolios will be well diversified, it may include the following types of financial instruments:

listed equities, exchange traded funds, derivatives, money market investments, high-grade government bonds, corporate bonds, securities issued by private companies, REITs, and foreign exchange.

Periodic Review

We understand that not only markets change, but also our client’s objectives and priorities. We review our investment portfolios continually to ensure they always reflect our latest investment research, and to ensure they remain in line with our investors’ aims while maintaining the balance between preferred risk and return. We can also review your investments whenever there is a big change to your circumstances.

Risk Under Control

Our clients are not necessarily averse to taking risks with their money, but they are sensitive to losses. We create portfolios that should benefit from rising markets while limiting losses when markets fall.

Our risk management framework ring-fences discretionary implementation on a stop loss and profit taking level. Stops are implemented on a position, sector and asset class level and are monitored weekly via detailed risk reports.


Investment Management

Bullseye Financial Investment Management offers discretionary management as well as advisory services.

Prospective investors can choose between the two service lines and will receive products tailored specifically to their needs.


Ready-To-Invest Portfolios

Our ready-made portfolios invest in a broad mix of assets across a range of industries – set for 2 risks appetite while improving the chances of investing in the right places.


We are in partnership with world-leading accounting and legal firms as well as top custodian banks.

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