Individual Savings Account (ISA)
/ Junior ISA (JISA)

In partnership with Third Financial as accounts custodian,
Bullseye Financial Limited exclusively offer Stocks and Shares ISA/JISA to qualifying professional investors.


All about ISA/JISA for 2023/24 Tax Year

What is an ISA

An Individual Savings Account (ISA) provides an easy way to save up to £20,000.00 over the period of each tax year and income or capital gains from the investments are tax-free.

The tax-free savings continue into the next tax year with a renewed allowance of up to £20K to further grow the account.

Junior Individual Savings Account (JISA)

Parents or guardians with parental responsibility can open a Junior ISA (JISA) and manage the account until the child turns 16; when they can take control of the account and make withdraws upon turning 18.

The current JISA annual allowance is up to £9K per tax year.

Stocks and Shares ISA

Suitable for those seeking better return from their savings as opposed to a cash ISA

  • As the pace of growth of a cash ISA depends on the amount of interest received, this can prove challenging within the current low interest rate environment. Combined with increasing inflation, the spending power of cash erodes as prices rise faster than savings growth.
  • Stocks and shares ISAs are designed with the potential to deliver much higher returns over cash in the longer term with the agility to optimize portfolio performances in both rising and falling market conditions.

BFL Stocks and Shares ISA/JISA Portfolio

Our Stocks and Shares ISA/JISA portfolios are designed with securities from industry leaders carefully selected through our comprehensive modelling process, diversified across Commodity, Equity and ETF assets for optimal market performance with hedging mechanics in place against periods of unprecedented global economic downturns.

It’s simple to start saving money tax-efficiently by opening a new ISA and/or JISA with us. We can also help with existing ISA/JISA transfers.
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