We bring together the finest talent to deliver investments and service, helping our clients around the world to achieve their financial objectives.



Earning and keeping trust is a priority. We are honest, transparent and always accountable.

We promote open communication and respect for each other, creating a workplace where everyone can contribute, grow and be successful.


Dynamic, responsive and flexible. At Bullseye Financial, we know every client is different, our start-up attitude drives us find the best solutions for you.

We are passionate to solve problems; focus on providing a tailored service for clients.


We place real value in relationships based on trust and longevity, where we believe that by working closely with our clients and with each other we can achieve great results.

We value the skills, expertise and knowledge of our colleagues, supporting each other to fully leverage our strengths.


We take pride in delivering the best, holding to the highest standards.

It allows us to see opportunities in niche areas that others may overlook.


Bullseye Financial Ltd team members hold professional qualifications from Europe and the UK’s top Universities as well as certifications in CFA, ACCA, CISI and Advanced Financial trading. The team have many years senior management experience in top Chinese and European financial organisations.


We are in partnership with world-leading accounting and legal firms as well as top custodian banks.