Bullseye Financial Year-End Workshop & Holidays Celebration

December 06 2022

Tis' the season of celebrations and truly a time to show appreciation for all those near and dear to us.  Bullseye Financial took this opportunity, through the 4th and final session of our 4-part Monthly UK Investment Strategies Workshop, to invite our valued clients and business partners for an evening of knowledge sharing and festivities celebrations.

We felt very fortunate and honored to have the chance to offer our deepest appreciation in person to those in attendance and sincerely look forward to reconnecting with everyone missed in the new year!

Hosted at the historical luxury 5-star Threadneedles Hotel, steps from the Royal Exchange and Bank of England, the magical evening started from the grand lobby of the former Victorian City Bank. Our guests filled their family photo albums with holiday memories in front of the lovely festive Christmas Tree decorated from the floor up towards the historical domed ceiling of the Threadneedles Hotel lobby.

Keeping true to form of a workshop, our CIO Dr. Wei Shi presented a play-by-play rundown of the UK Financial Markets since the start of 2022 and offered insights for the new year ahead.

 Mr. Steve Miley, our Sr. Investment Advisor, followed with a corresponding presentation covering the U.S., other global markets, as well as the risks ahead.  With a positive outlook on the new year, we’re eager to enter a transitional year and the many opportunities to come.

Since our inaugural workshop session, the primary aim for the series has been the sharing of knowledge by industry experts including featured guest speakers from their respective fields.

Across the workshops starting from August, we’re provided insights into UK market investing opportunities including Bonds, Individual Savings Accounts (ISA) & Junior-ISAs, Pensions, Real Estate, Taxation, Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF), Technical Analysis, and Algorithmic Trading.

Based on the successful turnouts and general feedback from our attendees, we look forward to continuing and/or expanding the series into 2023!

Of course, it just wouldn’t be right to call it a workshop without hands-on activities to encourage attendees’ participation.  Over the series, our guests have participated in virtual investing simulations, participated in active discussions on scenario-based case studies, and even applied basic technical analysis for on-paper trading. Given the season and the festive setting of Threadneedles Hotel, the activities planned for the final session of 2022 were fun-filled and everyone went home as a winner with seasonal-fitting prizes!
The 2022 Bullseye UK Investment Strategies Workshop officially concluded on notes of laughter, clinking of champagne glasses, and warm wishes for the Christmas holiday and New Year ahead.  Based on the successful turnouts and overwhelmingly positive feedback from our attendees, we look forward to having you with us in our 2023 Bullseye Financial Workshop Series to come!

We truly appreciate everyone taking the time out of their busy schedules to join us for a magical evening in celebrating the achievements of 2022.  We also like to take this chance to extend our deepest appreciation to all the guest speakers who voluntarily agreed to co-host and share their areas of expertise. Your trusted partnership is a vital part of our present and future success, and we look forward to your continual support and collaboration.

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