Bullseye Financial Ltd Strategic Partnership with Mayfair Capital Ltd under CREST

January 20 2022

Bullseye Financial Ltd has reached another incremental milestone with the latest strategic partnership with Mayfair Capital Ltd, a leading specialist UK advisory and discretionary investment manager. Mayfair Capital Limited provides a relationship-based investment service to clients, with the aim to provide tailored and subjective investment advice and investment management services. In line with the core value of Bullseye Financial in upholding integrity with our clients through transparency and open communication, Mayfair Capital Ltd strives to provide high level of service that is built on trust and equity.

The partnership between Bullseye Financial Ltd and Mayfair Capital facilitates counterparty trading of UK Gilt, Corporate Bonds, and Securities on behalf for our clients under CREST (Certificates Registry for Electronic Share Transfer). CREST, the UK-based securities depository, allows shareholders and bondholders to hold securities electronically, rather than holding physical share certificates. Paperless settlement of transfers and holds of securities through the CREST settlement system significantly reduces the time it takes to transfer ownership of share certificates, considerably streamlining the process of investing for our clients.

CREST is now part of Euroclear, one of the two principle securities clearing and settlement houses for the European financial markets. Euroclear offers a Central Securities Depository for the UK and Irish markets based on the CREST system. The membership of CREST enables Bullseye Financial Ltd to issue bonds for elective professional corporates in the UK market. 

We value this ongoing partnership with an industry leader to leverage their support and expertise to best serve our valued clients. Combined with the agility and proficiency of the Bullseye Financial team, we’re confident in navigating the volatile markets with Mayfair Capital Ltd as our trusted partner.

Bullseye Financial is a leading wealth and asset manager. We offer investment management services to professional private and institutional clients to achieve a broad range of objectives through our highly tailored service. Backed by our team’s diverse expertise, extensive networks and resources, our clients choose us for our valued and trusted expertise, proven track record and personal service.

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