Focus: Cash vs Stocks & Shares ISA/JISA

Having looked at the relative merits of a Cash or a Stocks and Shares ISA or JISA in our Explainer article, we are now going to take a more focussed look at the relative performance of having held cash in an ISA against having invested in a Stocks and Shares ISA over time. We hope […]

BFL Insight: Key Factors of Foreign Exchange across Global Financial Markets

Need to know:  Forex (FX) and Currencies Forex is short for Foreign Exchange (also known as FX) and is a type of trading or investing that involves the exchange between two different currencies. In one particular way, it differs from other financial markets asset classes because you are actually buying one currency and selling another […]

2021 Q3 Institutional Form 13F Quarterly Report Analysis

Author:  Dr. Wei Shi – CIO/Director Recently, major investment institutions have submitted their 13F reports to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for Q4 of 2021.  The 13F reports, which are required by the SEC to be filed within 45 days of the end of each quarter by investment institutions with more than $100 […]

A Fund And an ETF, What Are They?

A fund is an investment that pools together the money from many individuals. Fund managers then use it to invest in a wide range of shares and/or bonds. The most valued advantage of a fund investment is the diversification effect it can bring to the portfolio; however, its main drawback is the T+1 or T+2 settlement which limits its liquidity.


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