Introduction to Pardus Property Fixed-Income Bond Event

We would like to offer a genuine and sincere thank you to all our honored guests who joined us at our Pardus Property Bond Introductory Event on Monday, the 16th of May 2022. With over 75 years of industry experience in the UK real estate industry, Pardus Property introduced their latest offering of the Pardus […]

Explainer: Cash vs Stocks & Shares ISA/JISA

Starting to save for your future is an important step, and there are a number of different ways to do it. Are you considering investing in a Cash or a Stocks and Shares Individual/Junior Individual Savings Account (ISA/JISA)?  Here, we’re going to compare Cash versus Stocks and Shares ISAs/JISAs as it’s important to understand the […]

BFL Insight: Forex Focus – Spotlight on CNY, GBP, EUR and JPY

In our last article on Foreign Exchange markets here, we explained the factors that can influence the Forex markets and the nature of some of the major global currencies. We also took a broad look at what has been impacting the currency markets in Q1 2022 and wider prospects for Q2 2022. In this article, […]

BFL Insight: Key Factors of Foreign Exchange across Global Financial Markets

Need to know:  Forex (FX) and Currencies Forex is short for Foreign Exchange (also known as FX) and is a type of trading or investing that involves the exchange between two different currencies. In one particular way, it differs from other financial markets asset classes because you are actually buying one currency and selling another […]

Geopolitical Impacts to Global Commodities Markets – Q1 2022

Effects on Energies, Metals and Agricultural Commodities from the Ukraine-Russia Conflict Global commodities market certainly endured a spike higher in volatility in Q1 of 2022. Primed with high optimism in growth momentum to start of the year following signs of global economic recoveries.  (our article on the commodities market from the start of the year here).  […]

Bullseye Financial Global Financial Markets Review – Q1 2022

March proved to be a crucial month of divided market sentiment, with the first half starting off extremely depressed and mournful.  Since the ides of March, or Tuesday the 15th, the broader market began a strong rally through to the end of the month where market sentiment experienced a significant pickup. All three major U.S. […]


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